Ph.D., a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Life Coach, but you might also call me a habit breaker, life shifter and self-compassion advocate. I help people who long to feel freedom, peace, and joy but feel stuck in undesired emotional, thought, behavioral, and relationship patterns. I support and guide my clients through the process of finding the root of their issues so that they can live the life they envision for themselves. I know from my own journey and from hundreds of clients that it takes subconscious reprogramming plus conscious thoughts and actions to create lasting change. That’s why I hope that if you are ready to see a huge shift in your life, that you get in touch with me to see how I can support you. 

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I’m Kristin Reed, 

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Most people come see me because something about their life isn’t working for them or there is a lack of fulfillment in their lives. It may appear as:

feeling stuck
an illness
negative habits

It is negatively impacting their health, joy, happiness, peace, energy, and relationships. 

What can               look like?



A 20-year smoker who was able to put the cigarettes down and experience how it feels to breathe in fresh air. 

what can                  look like?

The woman with low self-image who begins to exude pride in herself and requests and gets a promotion.

The insomniac who now wakes up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. 

The person who felt depressed and had negative self-talk, now feeling more positive, making social plans, smiling, and able to have a new feeling of self-love and acceptance.

The man who had a fear of heights happily going hiking and exploring the mountains at high elevations. 

Someone who felt unloveable and found themselves in a cycle of poor relationships finally feeling and experiencing true partnership and connection, self-acceptance, and worthiness.

 The person feeling heavy, lethargic and using food to numb out now feeling energized, at a healthy weight and easily choosing healthy food for nourishment 

And so much more...

There is always an answer on a deeper inner level, which reveals the reason you feel stuck in a situation, habit, emotional response, or suffer from lack and limitations in certain areas of your life. 

This is your invitation to discover that answer. 

Let’s work together to set you free


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