Coaching sessions focus on a particular goal, especially one that has been eluding you for awhile. Clients have used these sessions for focusing on lifestyle behaviors, health concerns, relationship goals, career changes, confidence, professional growth, spiritual growth and abundance.

In combination with hypnotherapy, these sessions allow you to break free from beliefs, fears, insecurities that are underneath the surface that drive your behaviors keeping you from reaching your goals. 

my approach

Make yourself a priority
Creating of a tangible plan of action
Less fear and negative self talk
more empowerment, forward movement, self-love and authentic living
Finally achieve a goal you have been unable to tackle in the past
Attract more opportunities to expand and grow
Dreams and goals do not seem as overwhelming or out of reach


Coaching Sessions are ideal for those:

Who are ready to take action, desire accountability and support in making desired changes

Wanting to remove roadblocks to their goal

Open to feedback that would assist them in getting to where they would like to go

Interested in hypnotherapy to help identify and remove inner blocks and barriers

Committed to taking action and doing homework between sessions

Ready to create a vision of what they want and take steps toward that vision

“The secret to manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of your intention”

-Wayne Dyer

• 3 session package for those who have completed a 5 session hypnosis package. These sessions grew out of client interest and request for individual sessions to continue to work on the creation of new behaviors, and actions and continue to benefit from the success of the hypnosis sessions with accountability and support. 

• Prerequisite: completion of a 5 session hypnotherapy package

• Includes: 3 60 minute phone or in person sessions

Other details: Can purchase as many packages as desired and can be utilized in the frequency that best assists you in your goals (weekly, monthly, etc.).

let's get started

Coaching 3 session Add-On Package


Investment: $555


 This includes a combination of 5 PATH® hypnotherapy sessions along with coaching sessions to help support you and assist you in making effective changes in your daily life. 

• 12 sessions total; hypnotherapy sessions (5-7 total; 90 minutes each) and the rest are individual coaching sessions (60 minutes each)
• 5 month time frame
• Hypnosis sessions are weekly and coaching sessions to be utilized as needed in the 5 month time frame.

• Email support between sessions
• 2 individualized hypnosis recordings based on your desired goals

Other details: Payment plans available. Hypnotherapy sessions can be in person or by video. Coaching sessions can be in person or by phone.  

Hypnotherapy + Coaching Package


investment: $2200


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