We all have the potential to create the lives we desire, even in the most challenging circumstances.

90% of why you do what you do resides here. Controls all our habits, emotions, behaviors, and what motivates, inspires and drives you. Keeps you in your comfort zones and will do whatever it takes to keep you there no matter how much you say you want to do or feel something else and no matter how healthy and positive the change would be for you. 

The subconscious mind stays with what is familiar because this is what it interprets as safe and good. Anything different or unfamiliar is seen as negative, and to be avoided at all costs. Willpower will often fail to override the subconscious mind. You are trying to change 90% of you mind with the other 10% (the conscious mind). It is a losing battle. So you can stop beating yourself up for not being able to reach your goals through willpower alone or failing by Friday on your diet your started Monday or telling yourself you are calm but feel anxious and tense despite your best efforts. You can literally say this is your subconscious programming!

So how do we change through hypnosis?

The subconscious mind is always waiting to take direction from us. Unfortunately, we are just spinning our wheels trying to change directions through the conscious mind. Hypnosis allows us to have a direct path to the subconscious mind, so we can give it some new directions, letting it know what we now desire and what we need to release. It is also a 2 way relationship. Tapping into the subconscious mind provides us with the information on why we are doing the behavior, having the emotion or thought patterns. We are able to take a feeling and work our way back to find the source through the subconscious mind. Once we know this, we can release it, and reprogram the subconscious mind to move forward. 

Let go and be open, and let the method work for you
When I started introducing hypnosis to my therapy clients many years ago, I would get reactions like “whoa….hold up there…I’m not going to play mind games! Is this mind control?” When I starting asking them if they would like to have a method that allowed them to feel relaxed, at ease, and focused that would create lifelong changes to their challenges and could create a feeling of success, confidence and joy in less then 10 sessions, they would say “SIGN ME UP!” It is the same method. Whether you call it hypnosis or a transformational method, it does the same thing. So I invite you to let go of any preconceived fears or ideas about hypnosis and allow yourself this opportunity to make massive shifts in your life. Ultimately my clients want results and trust me to help them get there regardless of the process. I’ve put in the time and years to find the most effective methods possible. What is required from you is the ability to focus, follow my guidance and have a true belief in your ability to change. 

Meet the Subconscious Mind

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So, why don’t we? What prevents us?

Don’t worry…..this programming can be changed and you no longer have to feel stuck.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become reality”

-Earl Nightingale

Advanced Hypnotherapy for Long Lasting Results

Unhealthy relationships
Health + illness conditions

Some hypnotists only focus on providing suggestions without getting to the root cause and setting you free. The majority of hypnotists are not trained in psychology or mental health and have limited ability to help you past their knowledge in hypnosis. I am trained in advanced hypnotherapies that go beyond suggestion which makes your results long lasting and not just a short term fix.

One main method I utilize with most of my clients is 5-PATH® (Five Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis) which includes all the major cornerstones for successful change. The 5-PATH® method is built on the principles of psychology, the most powerful hypnosis techniques and processes available and it is a reliable and effective approach validated across the world. 

Clients routinely work with me on:




You are committed, motivated and ready to do the work to reach your goals

You are open to thinking about your circumstances in new ways

You feel unequipped to travel this journey alone or just choose not to

You know what you should be doing but can’t seem to be consistent

You are looking for emotional and physical well-being and do not know how to get there or have found yourself running in circles with the same issues

You realize that hypnotherapy is a process and not a one session quick fix

 • 5, 90 min. sessions 
 • Sessions are weekly
 • Available in person in my Brentwood, TN office or by video session at any location across the world

Additional individual sessions can be added as needed until you reach success. We usually start with one main issue and concern and prioritize which issue to focus on first. If there are multiple issues that need to be addressed separately, please expect to add additional sessions or another package. Sometimes resolving one issue can resolves other related issues! We usually schedule multiple appointments at one time so that you can make sure to get your weekly sessions scheduled before the calendar gets booked up. 

let's get started

5 session Hypnotherapy Package



investment: $1175


(Payment Plan Available)

• First 2 sessions a few days apart if possible; 3rd session a week after 2nd session
• 3, 90 min. sessions 
• Available in person in my Brentwood, TN office or by video any location across the world 
• Includes Hypnosis recording to help reinforce behavior change
• Includes Handouts on how to begin living as a nonsmoker

Additional individual sessions can be added as needed to reach success.

We usually schedule all 3 appointments at one time so that you can make sure to get in the sessions within the best time frame for success. 

3 Session Smoking Cessation package



investment: $705


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