Most clients don’t usually come to me saying they want to feel their emotions and no longer numb them out. They usually don’t say that they want to better know their inner self, face their shadows, let go of the masks they’re wearing and better understand their triggers. BUT this is usually what happens and so much more!

My therapy clients come in usually wanting relief from anxiety, fear, stress, feeling stuck, or looking for fulfillment. Not only are they able to find that relief they also learn how to navigate life from a whole new balanced perspective. One that comes from a place of peace, joy, and confidence even in the midst of chaos and stress. 

I take a holistic approach that includes looking at physical self-care, emotional wellness, spiritual connection and lifestyle habits. It is a self-discovery approach. 
These sessions integrate all my techniques and training (hypnotherapy, ACT, DBT, mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques, etc.) to help you navigate your goals and to support you. 

Combining hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions are very powerful because we are working on getting the subconscious and conscious mind in alignment and reconnect with all parts of yourself.

my approach

Release and change reactions to stress
Accepting your emotions and welcome the teachings and learnings they bring
Create new patterns and releasing old ones
A deeper sense of authenticity and balance
You begin to feel stronger, more confident, and happier
Letting go of self-doubt and not feeling good enough
Increase of self-compassion and self-love
Regain your emotional well-being


These sessions are ideal for those who

Want to utilize hypnotherapy to get to the root of an issue and to reprogram desired behaviors

Have a holistic mindset and belief in a mind-body-spirit connection

Have a desire to express feelings and emotions in a healthy way

Want to learn and utilize self-hypnosis and mindfulness

Ready to let go of the past and be in the present moment

Committed to personal growth

Sessions take place in my office in Brentwood, TN or by video for residents of TN. 
Sessions start out weekly and sometimes can progress to biweekly and monthly maintenance depending on the need and goals. 

Often we will include 5-7 sessions of 5-PATH® hypnotherapy but that is just an option. A hypnotherapy package can be utilized for those sessions.

Other details: Please expect a minimal time investment and commitment of 10-12 sessions to create change, get involved in the process and to include hypnotherapy sessions.

let's get started

Sessions can be scheduled individually


60 min. $185
90 min. $275



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